HIPIMS family MP2-HC 系列能夠供應電漿濺射應用非常高的脈衝能量。非對稱HIPIMS輸出需要兩套直流電源供應器。高脈衝輸出電流可達1500安培。另外提供特規的2000伏特機種,請聯絡我們取得詳細資料。

HIPIMS family MP2-HC series are able to deliver very high pulsed energy to plasma sputtering application.  Asymmetric HIPIMS output needs two DC power supplies.  High pulsed output current up to 1500A is availble.  2000V models are available too.  Please contact us for details.


Pulse in higher power

Operation Modes are available:
BP-BPAS-mode-V UP-mode-V