PLASUS SpecLine is the most powerful software tool for evaluating your spectral data. The worldwide unique database for atoms and molecules makes line identification fast and easy.

Spectral analysis and line idenfication of recorded data is often very complex and time-consuming. The SpecLine software overcomes this problem by providing an extensive and up-to-date database for atoms, molecules and their ions within a graphical environment: you can identify the spectral lines and molecular bands with a few mouse clicks. In addition various evaluation functions will support you in analyzing and comparing your spectra. Since all common spectroscopic file formats are supported data handling is easy and trouble-free.

SpecLine Characteristics:

Line identification

  • Identification of atoms, molecules and their ions using the included database.

Automatic peak finding

  • Search algorithms for peak finding in the spectra.

Comparison of data

  • Several spectra – even with different file formats – can be overlaid and compared.

Data evaluation

  • Data smoothing, integral, scaling, peak value, calibration, arithmetic of spectra (+,-, * ,/).

Selection for database search

  • Periodic table for atoms, molecule list box, neutrals, ions, wavelength and intensity range.


Database versions

  • A: atoms and ions
  • AM: atoms, ions and most of two-atomic molecules
  • AMS: all available atoms, ions and molecules ions.

Configuration files

  • Saving and loading of search parameters.

SpecLine file format

  • File format containing spectrum as well as line identification data.

Database information

  • Wavelength, oscillator strength, designation, transition probabilities, energies and quantum number of upper and lower level.

Data import

  • Supported data formats: ASCII, Binary, GRAMS, Ocean Optics, 4SPEC, MAPS, DaVis, WinSpec, AvaSoft, Hamamatsu and others.

Data export

  • Data export to ASCII, Binary and Excel(CSV) format, graphic export to BMP, WMF and WPG format.