Latest Process Control Developments at V2019 in Dresden, Germany

V2019 Conference

At the V2019 Workshop Week & Industrial Exhibition taking place at the International Congress Center Dresden, Germany we will display our latest developments for plasma monitoring and process control.

In the workshop presentation Prozesscharakterisierung und Prozesskontrolle in Vakuumbeschichtungsanlagen Dr. Thomas Schütte will outline the recent trends of process control for sputtering and PECVD application, such as industrial measurement systems with combined control techniques and system integration in the framework of Industry 4.0

At the accompanying industrial exhibition of the V2019 conference from October 9th thru 10th we will display our latest products at booth #15 and we are looking forward to discussing with you their use in your application.
On Wednesday, October 09th, the exhibition is open to the public without conference registration!

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