Meet us at HIPIMS Today 2021 conference

At the virtual HiPIMS Today 2021 conference from January 20th till 22nd PLASUS displays its latest development for advanced plasma monitoring and process control for HIPIMS applications:

在 1 月 20 日至 22 日的虛擬 HiPIMS 2021 大會上,PLASUS 展示了其用於 HIPIMS 應用的高級電漿監控和製程控制的最新開發:

The new EMICON HIPIMS module combines spectroscopic plasma monitoring with the measurement of pulse voltage and pulse current in a unique setup for advanced process control of reactive high-density plasma applications.

新型 EMICON HIPIMS 模組將光譜電漿監測與脈衝電壓和脈衝電流測量相結合,具有獨特的設置,可對反應性高密度電漿應用進行高級製程控制。

Please meet us also at our virtual exhibition booth.


Participating in the conference is free of charge. Please register here: 會議註冊 – Zoom

參加會議是免費的。 請在此處註冊:會議註冊 – Zoom

08:00 – 09:00 am UTC, Jan 22

台灣時間: 1月22日 下午1點-2點

Explanation of terms in HIPIMS technology and presentation of the product range – Dieter Schorn, Magpuls

HIPIMS 技術術語說明和產品範圍的展示

10:00 – 11:00 am UTC, Jan 22

台灣時間: 1月22日 下午3點-4點

Unique process control with PLASUS systems: Simultaneous adjustment of ionization and stoichiometry in reactive HIPIMS processes – Thomas Schütte, PLASUS

PLASUS 系統獨特的製程控制:反應性 HIPIMS 製程中游離化和化學計量測量的同時調整