Thin Film Consulting GmbH

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THIN FILM CONSULTING designs and manufactures high quality planar magnetron sputtering sources with the proprietary name IONIX® for both R&D and production sputter coating systems. There is business confidence from respected research institutes and reputable system integrators as well. Our products range from circular magnetron sputtering sources for high-vacuum and ultra-high vacuum use to rectangular magnetron sputtering sources in different widths and lengths.

THIN FILM CONSULTING公司設計和製造高品質的平面磁控濺射源, 其專有名稱為 ionix®用於研發和生產濺射塗層系統。有商業信心的知名研究機構和信譽良好的系統集成商, 以及。我們的產品範圍從用於高真空和超高真空的圓形磁控濺射源, 到不同寬度和長度的矩形磁控濺射源。

We are capable for special designs to serve almost any need and vacuum environment and provide support and assistance on power supply technologies and monitoring techniques for HiPIMS processes and reactive sputter deposition processes.

我們能夠進行特殊設計, 以滿足幾乎任何需求和真空環境, 並為 HiPIMS 工藝和反應式濺射沉積工藝的電源技術和監測技術提供支援和説明。