HIPIMS hybrid/super-imposed MF for a perfect magnetron sputtering process

Power supply is very important in magnetron sputtering processes and applications. The latest advanced power supply from Magpuls is able to perform MF mode or HIPIMS mode stand-alone or combine both output waveform patterns via. hybrid (a waveform editor built in controlled by a linux chip) in one pulse unit or super-imposed MF pulse unit and the other HIPIMS unit for the best quality coating purpose.

Here is an example of magnetron sputtering coating with MF hybrid HIPIMS. In this configuration, only one pulse is able to perform both MF and HIPIMS output waveform patterns designed via. PulsTrain waveform editor inside Magpuls pulse unit. The purpose is to save the money in the investment of coating tool.

The other example is to combine MF pulse unit with the other HIPIMS pulse unit in the super-imposed configuration. In this configuration, the cost is much higher.

In both hybrid and super-imposed configurations, the bias and related pulse units must be well-synchronized to obtain the best coating performance.