A New Honey Comb Device To Protect Expensive Quartz Window Of View Port

Wow! It’s a long time not to write an article in this blog. In the past years, a new developed honey comb device which provides a solution to solve the contamination problem on quartz window of view port. From time to time, the contamination onto the quartz (or pyrex) window of the view port coming from the processes of plasma CVD, etching, sputtering, arc PVD, evaportation PVD always raise up the maintenance costs and reduce the productivity. Nowadays a state-of-the-art honey comb device is well-developed.


Fig. 1 Up to 600°C without center ring in CF type; Up to 200°C in KF type.


There are several selections to fit the view port’s type and dimension. With the aid of this honey comb protection device, the quartz (or pyrex) window can be protected not to be contaminated. It’s also very easy to clean this device by following some simple instructions.

Fig. 2 Different diameters are available.

We are very appreciated in the pictures provided by PLASUS.